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take surveys for cash review 2018

One of the biggest ways that a lot of newcomers are introduced making money online is through the promises of being paid to take surveys. One company that promises to give you the ability to make up to $500 per survey is Take Surveys For Cash. In this Take Surveys For Cash review, I’m going to be looking at whether this is a legitimate opportunity or simply a scam to separate you from your hard-earned money.

Instant Noodles – My 2018 Take Surveys For Cash Review In 3 Minutes or Less

Product Name: Take Surveys For Cash
Product Owners: Jason White
Website URL:
Price: $39 with multiple upsells
Overall Score: 0.5 out of 5

Okay, let’s cut straight to the nitty-gritty on this review. Take Surveys For Cash is a survey directory that is not going to really help you make money online.

First, the surveys that it recommends can be found for free online without too much effort. Second, it’s almost impossible for you to be able to earn a full-time income on the Internet by taking surveys.

This is because many surveys are going to disqualify you due to your demographics, and even the ones that do allow you to participate often do not pay cash. Often, you will be entered a drawing to receive gift cards, discounts, and other products rather than an actual payday.

If you’re looking for a true legitimate opportunity to make money online, check out the link below for my top recommended resource and best of luck to you as you venture forth with your online money-making endeavors!

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What Is Take Surveys For Cash?

Take Surveys For Cash is a Clickbank product that promises to teach you how to earn up to $500 per survey online. In reality, it is simply a directory of different surveys that you could find on your own without having to purchase the product to begin with.

Can You Really Make Money With Take Surveys For Cash?

In theory, if you are lucky enough to be able to fit the perfect demographics that various companies are looking for, then you could possibly make $20 or $30 on a really good day by completing the surveys that Take Surveys For Cash recommends.

You’re most likely not going to be able to take any surveys whatsoever, and the ones that you will be lucky enough to qualify for are going to pay you by entering you into a lottery to possibly receive a gift card, discounts on products, or other such services, rather than actually giving you any cash.

Honestly, you probably stand better odds making money by heading down to your closest gas station and picking up a scratch off ticket.

Who Is This Product For?

I can’t recommend this product to anyone. As I mentioned above, all that you are actually receiving is a directory of different places where you can take surveys online. There is no guarantee that you will be in the demographic that companies are looking for to complete the survey.

My In-Depth Review Of Take Surveys For Cash

I’m not a fan of this product for several reasons. First, I don’t like the tactics that are used on the sales page at all.

take surveys for cash current availability

As shown in the screenshot above, the first thing that I noticed at the bottom of the page is the fact that the sales page says that Jason says “join now! I’ve got room for only a few more people.”

Heading over to the way back machine, I pulled the sales page from February 28 of 2015 and guess what, back then, he still only had room for a few more people. This is known as scarcity marketing, however in reality, there is no scarcity whatsoever.

take surveys for cash february 2015 availability

Personally, I cannot stand this kind of sleazy sales technique. If you’re going to put a limitation on the availability of a product, then you should adhere to that limitation rather than saying there’s only a few more available but really allowing it to be available indefinitely.

The second reason that I’m not a fan of this is because of just how challenging finding legitimate surveys online can be. As I mentioned a couple times above, you must fit into the demographic that the company is looking for.

For most people, this simply isn’t going to happen very often. On top of that, when you do find legitimate surveys that allow you to complete them and get paid, you typically are going to be paid in cash.

Often, you’ll be entered into some kind of giveaway that will reward you with a gift card or other purchasing incentive. The ones that do pay money are few and far between and typically they do not pay more than a maximum of $15-$20.

The ones that pay $15-$20 are normally going to take anywhere from an hour to two hours to complete and all you can do after you’ve completed them is pray that you receive your money sometime in the near future.

Let’s face it, you’d be much better off going and getting a part-time job at McDonald’s instead of trying to find legit surveys online.

Final Thoughts On Take Surveys For Cash

If you’re really wanting to make money online, this product is not going to provide you with a very reliable way to do so.

There are a lot of opportunities out there for earning a reliable income on the Internet like freelancing, working as a remote customer service representative, or earning a full-time income through affiliate marketing or blogging.

If you’re considering signing up for Take Surveys For Cash as a way to earn a significant income online, please look elsewhere. If you are wanting to earn a full-time income on the Internet, check out my top recommended resource and I wish you the best of luck as you make your online earning dreams a reality.